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Jamali has created a large body of work in several innovative techniques.  His artwork is in 3,000 private collections around the world.  His creative process brings together mysticism and science in a powerful, primordial imagery reminiscent of prehistoric cave paintings.  Donald Kuspit heralds Jamali as the originator of a new style of painting he calls Mystical Expressionism. 

Jamali was raised in the foothills of the Himalayas near the Khyber Pass.  The son of prominent physicians, Jamali was sent to a British military academy at age 13.  For five years, Jamali went to live in primitive conditions in the Rajasthan desert among the Sufi, a people devoted to worship through dance.  The Sufi’s belief in a life of inner calm and reflection was to have great influence on the young Jamali and his future art.

In 1973, after traveling extensively in Europe, Jamali immigrated to the United States where he settled in Florida and became a U.S. citizen. In 1976.  After a series of recurring dreams, Jamali recognized his calling and devoted himself to a life of painting, discipline and meditation.